Audit Committee

Audit Committee

Audit Committee:

If you like to make things Count – Check out the Audit Committee

One of the smallest and yet one of the most important committees is the Audit Committee. These members make sure our Chapter’s financial records are intact and we properly account for the members monies. 

The specific duties of the Audit Committee are to examine the Chapter’s financial records to meet the requirements determined by National APWA. These duties include examination of cancelled checks, accounting for numerical sequencing, examining endorsements, reviewing bank statements, and the examination and/or reconciliation of documents supporting disbursements. Other as needed financial tasks may occur to ensure our chapter records are accurate. Finally, the Audit Committee conducts the annual audit of the Fiscal Year financial documents using a computer package or hard copy format provided by APWA.

Two volunteers with varying backgrounds review our financial records. The Committee understands where our monies go and how things are funded, as well as what revenue is collected. The committee provides a great opportunity to understand the audit process. The committee itself is comprised of two members including Allan Rigg and Committee Chairman Dennis Jue 

The committee meets on a regular basis with the Chapter Administrator to review the Chapter's financial records.  The goal is to audit the financial records on a quarterly basis.  At every board meeting the committee chair gives an update on the audit process.  The Committee is always looking for new members to make this process sustainable, so come get involved as the committee works to promote accountability of our financial resources. For any information on this most successful and educational committee contact Dennis Jue, PE via email at

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