Annual Sponsorship Committee

Annual Sponsorship Committee

Getting support that makes things happen in the Annual Sponsorship Committee

The smallest yet one of the most important committees is the Annual Sponsorship Committee. This committee helps produce the financial resources for many programs such as the Awards Luncheon, Golf Tournament, Young Professional Committee and events, scholarships, and the Annual Installation Dinner. The Annual Sponsorship Committee was created in 2015 in response to requests from the Chapter’s private-sector members to provide a “one-stop-shop” for their generous support of the organization. The committee prepares an annual sponsorship announcement, which is distributed by mail, email, and Chapter e-blasts. If needed, committee members make follow up calls and answer questions about the program. Annual sponsors receive a variety of benefits based on their level of support (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). A highlight of the program is that once a company signs up as an Annual Sponsor, it will not be solicited for additional, event-specific donations for the rest of that year.

The committee is led by a seasoned professional Bonnie Teaford, a past Chapter President and a prior national Top Ten Leader. The committee creates relationships with firms and outlines the advantages of participating. The committee is always looking for new members to make this process continual and sustainable, so come get involved as the committee works to help make sure we can fund the Chapter events. For any information on this successful and rewarding committee, contact Bonnie Teaford, PE via email at

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