2017 Award Winners



2016/2017 APWA CV Branch Project of Merit Awardee

City of Indio

Project: Station 87 Dog Park

Category: Recreational Facilities


For many years, the City of Indio had envisioned and contemplated constructing a new dog park on a vacant City owned lot adjacent to an existing fire station. After the economic downturn, the City had been unable to construct this much anticipated park, which was consistency rated by the residents and City official as a high priority.  In 2014, was awarded a grant through the Housing Related Park Program (HRPP 2013), which provided the much needed financing for the development of this park area.

The park features two separate sections; an area for small dogs and an area for large dogs. Each section has grass, shade trees, shrubs, and groundcover. Additional features include concrete pathways that lead to shade structures with benches for seating, drinking fountains for the pet owners and their dogs, fencing, and a new parking lot.  Utilizing a Cal Recycle Grant, the City purchased benches and garbage cans made from postconsumer recycled material.  Lighting for the site was accomplished using solar powered LED lights. 

2016/2017 APWA CV Branch Project of Merit Awardee

City of Palm Desert

Project: Catalina Community Garden Renovation Project

Category: Recreational Facilities

Project Description:

The Catalina Community Garden, originally constructed in 2000, consists of four separate garden beds, which are put up for the community use.  Over time, these community garden areas have served as a social gathering place, as well as a location for city residents a healthy, sustainable recreational alternative. 

The project replaced the deteriorated recycled wood product planter boxes with a 100% post-consumer recycled glass and concrete material garden box.  In addition, the cobbled watering system was upgraded to standard soaker hoses, with a water efficient Netafim drip system.  Each garden box area was setup to have its own dedicated irrigation system, thus eliminating the need to shut the water down for the full garden area in case of repairs or maintenance.

The city collaborated with both a local fabricator on the garden boxes as well as with an irrigation contractor on refinement of the irrigation system.  Additionally, City maintenance staff performed a large portion of the construction through the demolition, grading and placement of required concrete flatwork.  This project was so successful and well received by the community, the City of Palm Desert will be using this as a template for future garden ben replacements.