Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee

This committee’s focus is helping to get young people into Public Works. Since 1997, the Southern California Chapter of APWA has conducted a Scholarship Program benefitting students who live in or attend school in our region. Since its inception, this Chapter has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships, allowing high school seniors and undergraduate college students who maintain a passion for community involvement and volunteerism, to continue to achieve their educational and career goals.

The students to be eligible for an APWA Scholarship must major in a Public Works related field such as Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or a Technical Trade, etc. They must plan to enroll as a full-time undergraduate student in a trade school, community college or university during the upcoming fall semester/quarter and meet a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. And lastly, they must commit to specific time to promote APWA, serve the community and advocate the Scholarship Program. The committee is responsible for preparing the flyer in the spring, advertising, updating, receiving and scoring the applications, notifying the recipients, assembling a program with student pictures and bios, organizing the award ceremony luncheon in July, and verifying enrollment and commitments prior to issuing the scholarship check in the fall. These volunteers all come from various backgrounds to review and decide who receives these awards which cumulates with an annual luncheon organized by the Programs Committee. The event provides great networking opportunities and the occasion to observe future APWA leaders from throughout Southern California. The general goals of the committee are to increase outreach to both high schools and colleges, and elevate the number of applications as well as to increase the funding of the program.

The Committee itself is comprised of six members that acknowledge leaders and projects within Public Works. The current committee members are Jessica Y. Martinez, Harvey Gobas, Dick Redmayne and Diego Cadena; along with co-Chairs Carlos Castellanos and Tony Olmos. The chairs both have a strong desire to help students accomplish their career goals and give back to the Public Works profession. Each has had experience working with scholarship recipients, and they recognize the benefits the program brings not only to the students, but also to the profession.

This Committee selects those promising students who are obtaining degrees that can be applied in Public Works. The Committee is enjoyable as you have opportunities to interface with many future APWA leaders as well as it allows you to develop relationships with key chapter leaders who are on the committee. The Committee is always looking to help students meet their career goals, become a part of the Public Works profession, and to make this annual event successful. So, come get involved! The Committee works to promote education, networking and guiding the next generation of public works professionals who will improve and maintain our infrastructure for our citizens.

If you want to be a part of helping select these worthy students for support, as well as experience the enjoyment of being part of a team to acknowledge success in our industry, contact one of the co-chairs of this group. Most of the effort takes place between March and June and will typically involve 20-30 hours per year that is dependent on level of involvement desired. You can also help by contributing to the scholarship fund. For any information on this most successful and educational committee contact Carlos Castellanos, PE via email at

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