President's Message From Carlos Castellanos

President's Message From Carlos Castellanos



Since our board members were installed, and even before then, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes, serving the SoCal public works community by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy, and the exchange of knowledge.

We continue to focus on providing meaningful educational programs and networking opportunities, virtually and in-person; on young professionals and students by offering more opportunities to be part of the larger network through programs and mentorships and on technology, which starts with an accessible and user-friendly website to connect our members with our countless resources, and a strong social media presence.

Below are some accomplishments in the last half -year.

• The Mentorship Program paired about 15 mentees with public works professionals.

• Streets and Technology Conference broadcasted a three-day educational session to over 100 participants.

• Greenbook Seminar hosted close to 100 attendees for the first of two sessions this year.

• Public Works Institute taught 38 students with support from 20 speakers and graduated 15 public works professionals.

• Scholarship Program awarded 11 scholarships to three high school graduates and eight undergraduate students.

• Young Professionals participated in a Virtual Trivia Night with ASCE, which we WON, and an Outdoor Social for some fun in the sun.

• The Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence (PACE) was awarded by National to the SoCal Chapter.

• National Appointments 

◊ Loni Eazell - Chair of the Emergency Management Committee 

◊ Bonnie Teaford - Public Works Project of the Year Committee 

◊ Harry Lorick - Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year Committee

• Life Members achieving 30 years of continuous membership with APWA 

◊ Anthony Antich 

◊ Ron Catone 

◊ Lisa Ann Rapp 

◊ David Webb

• Shahnawaz Ahmad completed his term as Region VIII Director on the National Board for 2020-21.

A number of our members attended PWX: Stronger Together in St. Louis in person for the annual national learning experience. Locally, we’re planning the rest of the year with in person lunch sessions, with a virtual option conducted in September, and the second Greenbook Seminar in November. We anticipate closing the year with the BEST Award ceremony in December. We’ll starting everything all over again in January at the in-person Installation event where Harry Lorick will assume the presidency and we’ll swear-in our officers for 2022. We welcome everyone in person or virtually and count on your participation. We appreciate your commitment to APWA. Take care. 


Carlos Castellanos, P.E.

Southern California APWA Chapter President

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