President's Message From Tran Tran

Hello everyone and welcome. Typically, the first president’s message pertains to what you, as members, should be looking forward to for the 2020 year. Like all of you, 2020 has not gone to plan and, respectfully, I want it to be 2021 already. What 2020 has taught me so far is that when the times get tough, public works is always there. Through these uncertain and challenging times, we are continually hearing stories of public works professionals stepping up and we hope to capture that here in our Insight newsmagazine. 

We as public works professionals have committed to provide essential services to all and maintain critical infrastructure that is so vital to quality of life for all. Over these past months, Public Works professionals have been called upon to address additional challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to include continuing sanitation services, increased cleaning procedures and safety precautions in public works facilities, monitoring the safety of water systems, assisting with traffic control at COVID-19 testing locations, and working with our first responder partners to address the unique needs of our diverse populations and communities.

As respected leaders in our communities, our colleagues, stakeholders, and the public are looking to us for confidence, consistency, and reassurance, we should try to look for opportunities to provide not only normalcy and certainty to our internal teams but also to our external partners whose businesses rely on our work. This is a time to come together and become a stronger team united in providing public services. We don’t work alone, and we need all of our people to keep our engines running and it is through our interconnections that we are most equipped to manage this crisis and help our communities recover quickly.

To that end we have launched our online webinar series to keep you in touch and informed of industry trends and events. I encourage you to connect with us on LinkedIn to find a plethora of up to the minute information, presentations, and videos. We have also produced a COVID-19 video series to have open discussions with leaders in the public sector regarding how COVID-19 has affected and impacted their agencies. You can also sign up online to receive our brand-new digital newsmagazine, Insight, or even better, submit an article to be published! 

I am compelled to recognize our annual sponsors – their contribution to the Chapter have directly attributed to our technological advances and abilities to keep in touch with you all. I encourage you to visit their websites, network with them, and partner with them on projects during these difficult times. While we hope to return to in person at our regular luncheons and events in the future, for now we remain virtual for the safety for all. Therefore, please link with us, connect with us, and friend us, and participate in our online programs and webinars. I look forward to seeing you all soon.



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